Ars Malum

1st Tribunal

The first tribunal of the Covenant.

Spring, 1222.


The first tribunal of the covenant, they were host to one Magi of every house.

The list of Magi attending was:

  •  Vitellia (F) of House Bjornaer
  • Maximianius (M) of House Bonisagus
  • Palinurus (M) of House Criamon
  • Domitia (F) of House Ex Miscellanea
  • Sphaerio (M) of House Flambeau
  • Atria (F) of House Jerbiton
  • Prisciella (F) of House Mercere
  • Isidora (F) of House Merinita
  • Truculentus (M) of House Guernicus
  • Sigan (M) of House Tremere
  • Auxilium (M) of House Tytalus
  • Demaenetus (M) of House Veriditius.


Truculentus took charge of the Tribunal as elder Magus. Plar and Philippos were asked what they managed to recover from Nigrasaxa. Sigan demanded that he got to take care of the bodies there, even though Prisciella offered to do it.

They were asked if they had anything to do with what had happend in Bexley, but they denied all involvement.



Vitellia, Philippos parens, commanded him to go to Emberstone Mine and investigate the problems that have stopped the iron deliveries to her Covenant.


Arkandos Arkandos

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