Ars Malum

A noble introduction

Autumn 1221, continued.

The party evaded the SoL by hiding amongst a bunch of rocks and going invisible.

They then traveled to Lord Elyan Gilkes mansion, got an audience with him and stayed the night there. The next day, Gilkes was visited by another noble, Duke Redmond Reeve and his wife. Plar agreed to make him a love potion. No reward was agreed on.


The man that Plar had rescued from Bexley told them he had a "friend" in the nearby forest that could perhaps help them. Adrian and the Grogs travelled to this "friend" with the man that called himself Barnaby. There they met with a witch, whom they did not learn the name of. She provided them with a flask of shapeshifting.


With it, they traveled back to Bexley disguised and went to look for the servants. With some tricks, they managed to get to see them, but decided it would be better to leave them there instead of trying a breakout.



Arkandos Arkandos

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