Ars Malum

The Bexley incident

Where everything seems to go wrong.

Autumn, 1221.

Adrian and Plar decided to travel to the nearby town of Bexley to sell off some gems they had aquired in Nigrasaxa.


Once they had arrived in town, they found inns to sleep in. In the middle of the night, Plar got up and climbed out his window. Unfortunately, he stepped on  a cat and attracted the attention of the town guard. He convinced them that he was an emissary of the king himself. The guards decided it was best to escort him through the city.

Plar went invisible when they were not looking and ran away. He noticed a man being dragged away by two sons of Light. He knocked them both down and dragged the man away with him.


Next day, the SoL arrested Plars servants and they were chased out of town.


Arkandos Arkandos

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