Ars Malum

The Derelict tower of Nigrasaxa

A visit from the clergy and the investigation of an abandoned covenant.

Summer, 1220.


A priest named Father Ethelbert came to inspect the covenant and remind them of their debt to the Chantry. Philiphos tried to scare him away, but he was not impressed by his attempts.


Autumn, 1220.

The covenant received information that a nearby covenant had been abandoned for a while and went there to investigate why that was. On the way, they were ambushed by a type of warriors they had not encountered before. 2 of them died, 1 escaped and 1 got captured. They tried to interrogate their prisoner, but ended up killing her as they could not understand her.


When they arrived at the tower, they were stopped by an animate stone head that told them that nobody was to enter. Blaize ignored it and was hit by a powerful lightning strike.

They found a way to disable it and went in. Inside, they found several faceless bodies around the tower. 


On a higher floor of the tower, they found a mysterious creature that seemed to not be affected by weapons or direct magic. Philippos managed to trap it inside a small black box and left it in the tower, afraid to bring it with them.


Just before they were about to leave the tower, they discovered a hidden entrance to a secret sanctum where a magus that called himself Lario had hidden.  Driven to insanity, Lario would not listen to the group, and sprayed them with oil and lit it on fire.

The grog Labib was severly burned. Lario then commited suicide.


Arkandos Arkandos

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