Cerein "Blaize" Pocall

She fights so that others dont have to.


Blaize. is a one-handed sword wielder, with modest capabilities in fire magic and is completely immune to fire damage. She also wears a heavy metal gauntlet over her left hand that she uses to her advantage in combat.


Cerein was born into the Pocall family, a house of nobles, whose scheming and dark intentions bled into their every move. They control an army of professional assassins, and they have a large span of influence.
At the age of 14, one of these assassins savagely raped her, but when he returned later she blasted him with an explosion of fire. Her aptitude for fire magic was now obvious, as the explosion that left a room size hole in the building didn’t leave a mark on her. She went on her family’s demand to the Order of Hermes to control her powers, but after the point she could control it safely, she left.
She is also set to inherit a large quantity of money from a distant relative, and her family wants her dead to get a hold of it.

She is the founder and current leader of the covenant of the Fiery Talon.

Cerein "Blaize" Pocall

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