Hulkovious Rex

Lord Hulkovious Rex, Earl of Davenport


His formal title is Lord Hulkovius Rex; Earl of Davenport. 32 years old. He has blue eyes, dark blonde hair and a thick and trimmed beard. He usually wears custom tailored clothing in the colors of red, black or blue. He also wears a blood red cape with an embroidery of a golden wolf and the letters H and R on either side in black.

When in combat he uses a black leather scale armor with the same embroidery as he wears on his cape. He uses a longsword and a heater shield which also has the same wolfcrest as he wear on his cape and armor.


He fought in several wars under the banner of Duke Benton Andrews and held the rank as Captain. Hulkovius was very respected during his time in the wars and had a good reputation as a great fighter and leader.

At the age of 26 he was granted the title as ‘Earl of Davenport’ by his superior Duke Benton Andrews, he gave Hulkovius much more power than any other Earl usually gets due to his great efforts during his time in the wars and also due to Andrews distrust to his own son. Since Hulkovius got his title he have spent most of his time to manage the city of Davenport. During his early years as Earl, Hulkovius spent a large amount of his fortune to build barracks for the poor and tried to make it easier for the poor and unfortunate to live their lifes.

Due to the generous offerings of Earl Rex, even the poor have a chance of salvation. Resonable taxes and excellent protection makes this town a merchant-haven.

Hulkovious Rex

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