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  • Davenport

    The city of Davenport is the only harbor city left in [[Camelot]].


    Currently ruled over by [[:hulkovious-rex|Lord Hulkovious Rex, Earl of Davenport]].

  • Camelot Capital

    The capital city of Camelot. 

    Once a grand city, Camelot Capital has fallen more and more into disarray, with roads and buildings in the outer city not getting their proper treatment.

    Some blame the current ruler, others blame …

  • Camelot

    Once the center of the nation of [[Albion]], united under king Arthur Pendragon, Camelot has fallen a long way when it comes to power and might.

    Since Albion splintered, Camelot has been losing land in all directions, failing to keep up& …

  • Thomas Weston

    Knight of the Camelotian Army, stationed in [[Camelot Capital | Camelot Capital]]. Old friend of [[:hulkovious-rex | Hulkovious Rex]].

  • Queen Eleanor of Camelot

    Queen of Camelot, married to [[:king-tedric-de-bois-of-camelot | King Tedric de Bois]]. Has two sons and a daughter. Deeply religious and a liked figure by both the people and the church.

  • King Tedric of Camelot

    The king and ruler of Camelot, Tedric has ruled for 24 years now. During his rule, the borders has crawled ever closer, especially in the east. He is married to [[:queen-eleanor-of-camelot | Queen Eleanor]] He has two sons and a daughter.