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  • 1st Tribunal

    Spring, 1222.


    The first tribunal of the covenant, they were host to one Magi of every house.

    The list of Magi attending was:

    •  Vitellia (F) of House Bjornaer
    • Maximianius (M) of House …

  • Minor Characters

    • Father of the raped girl, was given plenty of food and drink by Earl Rex, and 800 silver as compensation.
    • Edgar Chayne, Travelling trader. Specialises in trinkets and jewelry.

  • Paul Saunders

    Growing up in Mountmend was harsh, especially with a deor father. He was eventually picked up by the (at the time) well-known fighter Gregory Read. He saw potential in the boy, and has trained him for a long time. Despite his mentors lament he uses a …