Ars Malum

1st Tribunal
The first tribunal of the Covenant.

Spring, 1222.


The first tribunal of the covenant, they were host to one Magi of every house.

The list of Magi attending was:

  •  Vitellia (F) of House Bjornaer
  • Maximianius (M) of House Bonisagus
  • Palinurus (M) of House Criamon
  • Domitia (F) of House Ex Miscellanea
  • Sphaerio (M) of House Flambeau
  • Atria (F) of House Jerbiton
  • Prisciella (F) of House Mercere
  • Isidora (F) of House Merinita
  • Truculentus (M) of House Guernicus
  • Sigan (M) of House Tremere
  • Auxilium (M) of House Tytalus
  • Demaenetus (M) of House Veriditius.


Truculentus took charge of the Tribunal as elder Magus. Plar and Philippos were asked what they managed to recover from Nigrasaxa. Sigan demanded that he got to take care of the bodies there, even though Prisciella offered to do it.

They were asked if they had anything to do with what had happend in Bexley, but they denied all involvement.



Vitellia, Philippos parens, commanded him to go to Emberstone Mine and investigate the problems that have stopped the iron deliveries to her Covenant.

A noble introduction

Autumn 1221, continued.

The party evaded the SoL by hiding amongst a bunch of rocks and going invisible.

They then traveled to Lord Elyan Gilkes mansion, got an audience with him and stayed the night there. The next day, Gilkes was visited by another noble, Duke Redmond Reeve and his wife. Plar agreed to make him a love potion. No reward was agreed on.


The man that Plar had rescued from Bexley told them he had a "friend" in the nearby forest that could perhaps help them. Adrian and the Grogs travelled to this "friend" with the man that called himself Barnaby. There they met with a witch, whom they did not learn the name of. She provided them with a flask of shapeshifting.


With it, they traveled back to Bexley disguised and went to look for the servants. With some tricks, they managed to get to see them, but decided it would be better to leave them there instead of trying a breakout.


The Bexley incident
Where everything seems to go wrong.

Autumn, 1221.

Adrian and Plar decided to travel to the nearby town of Bexley to sell off some gems they had aquired in Nigrasaxa.


Once they had arrived in town, they found inns to sleep in. In the middle of the night, Plar got up and climbed out his window. Unfortunately, he stepped on  a cat and attracted the attention of the town guard. He convinced them that he was an emissary of the king himself. The guards decided it was best to escort him through the city.

Plar went invisible when they were not looking and ran away. He noticed a man being dragged away by two sons of Light. He knocked them both down and dragged the man away with him.


Next day, the SoL arrested Plars servants and they were chased out of town.

The Derelict tower of Nigrasaxa
A visit from the clergy and the investigation of an abandoned covenant.

Summer, 1220.


A priest named Father Ethelbert came to inspect the covenant and remind them of their debt to the Chantry. Philiphos tried to scare him away, but he was not impressed by his attempts.


Autumn, 1220.

The covenant received information that a nearby covenant had been abandoned for a while and went there to investigate why that was. On the way, they were ambushed by a type of warriors they had not encountered before. 2 of them died, 1 escaped and 1 got captured. They tried to interrogate their prisoner, but ended up killing her as they could not understand her.


When they arrived at the tower, they were stopped by an animate stone head that told them that nobody was to enter. Blaize ignored it and was hit by a powerful lightning strike.

They found a way to disable it and went in. Inside, they found several faceless bodies around the tower. 


On a higher floor of the tower, they found a mysterious creature that seemed to not be affected by weapons or direct magic. Philippos managed to trap it inside a small black box and left it in the tower, afraid to bring it with them.


Just before they were about to leave the tower, they discovered a hidden entrance to a secret sanctum where a magus that called himself Lario had hidden.  Driven to insanity, Lario would not listen to the group, and sprayed them with oil and lit it on fire.

The grog Labib was severly burned. Lario then commited suicide.

Curse of the White Wolf
The beginning of the adventures

Spring, 1220.


When Philiphos and Blaize started the covenant, they had no Vis to complete the Aegis of the Hearth. With some studying, Philiphos located a forest nearby that could inhibit Vis.

They traveled there and were attacked by large wolves just outside of Duskewe. Blaize accidently burned the face of Robert Brook.

In the village, they discovered that the village had been attacked by the wolves several times before, with several inhabitants being dragged away by them.


The party took itself upon them to find out what had happened to them. They went to the forest and discovered that there were woodcutters chopping down trees. 

Inside the forest, they found a clearing in which they encountered a creature they later came to know as "The Lady of the Forest", made of twisted wood.

They made a deal with the lady that if they got rid of the woodcutters, she would release the villagers in return. The party set a trap for the woodcutters and scared them away with fire and illusion magic. 

The lady agreed to let the villagers go, but the party would have to repay her with an artifact of some kind (This debt has been paid as of 1223). When they were returning home to the covenant, they went past the place they were attacked by the wolves. This place now had several human corpses in place of the dead wolves. Philiphos deduced that the wolves must have been transformed humans.

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