Ars Malum

Curse of the White Wolf

The beginning of the adventures

Spring, 1220.


When Philiphos and Blaize started the covenant, they had no Vis to complete the Aegis of the Hearth. With some studying, Philiphos located a forest nearby that could inhibit Vis.

They traveled there and were attacked by large wolves just outside of Duskewe. Blaize accidently burned the face of Robert Brook.

In the village, they discovered that the village had been attacked by the wolves several times before, with several inhabitants being dragged away by them.


The party took itself upon them to find out what had happened to them. They went to the forest and discovered that there were woodcutters chopping down trees. 

Inside the forest, they found a clearing in which they encountered a creature they later came to know as "The Lady of the Forest", made of twisted wood.

They made a deal with the lady that if they got rid of the woodcutters, she would release the villagers in return. The party set a trap for the woodcutters and scared them away with fire and illusion magic. 

The lady agreed to let the villagers go, but the party would have to repay her with an artifact of some kind (This debt has been paid as of 1223). When they were returning home to the covenant, they went past the place they were attacked by the wolves. This place now had several human corpses in place of the dead wolves. Philiphos deduced that the wolves must have been transformed humans.


Arkandos Arkandos

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