Tag: Faction


  • Sons of Light

    The Sons of Light are a fanatical military group that enforce their faith and laws upon most countries.

    Destined to rid the world of magic and everything it stands for, they are a major nuisance for The Order of Hermes and other magical …

  • The Old Religion

    Also known as "fíor chreideamh" or "the True Religion".

    The Old Religion is devoted to "The Triple Goddess", a being split into three separate entities. 
    Usually, people only speak of the …

  • The Chantry

    The Chantry of the Light is the dominant religion in most of the known world. It may exist in slightly different ways depending on country, but they all function similarly.

    The Chantry believes in the Maker, the one true creator of everything …

  • Silvestre Coven

    The Silvestre Coven is a small collection of witches that gather every Autumn to discuss current events and help each other out. They don't have much in the way of loyalty towards other members, but would never give them up for an outsider.